See the secret recipe for earning a partner in China's space industry

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On January 10, the signature conference "Aerospace Science and Technology,...

On January 10, the signature conference "Aerospace Science and Technology, Intelligent Future" was held in Beijing.

See the secret recipe for earning a partner in China's space industry

Wu Jijian, Chairman of the China Space Foundation, said: "The signing of the contract with NVC Lighting aims to jointly promote the spirit of space flight, expand space culture, and promote the rapid development of China's space industry. The play, which represents the highest implementation of dreams and dream cooperation, the two sides have endless research on the "Chinese Dream" and the vast universe.

At the conference hall, the China Aerospace Foundation and NVC Lighting jointly launched the "China Aerospace Lighting Technology Research Institute". After the institute's launch, the China Aerospace Foundation will help NVC lighting make the most of aerospace technology achievements.

The establishment of the Aerospace Lighting Science and Technology Research Institute demonstrates a solid foundation of cooperation between China and China. Yang Jun, Director of the Electromechanical Products Department/Space Station Lighting Project at the 510 Institute (Lanzhou Institute of Space Technology and Physics) said: "I think China is I believe that we will open an aerospace lighting technology laboratory so that more people can enjoy better light and a better life through space technology."

At the same time, NVC Lighting and the China Aerospace Foundation jointly launched an aerospace strategy called "Aerospace Lighting Technology to Light Hundreds of Millions of Households".

He Ye, Vice President of the China Light Industry Federation and President of the China Lighting Association, said, "High-quality and rigorous application scenarios such as China Aerospace will contribute to improving the quality and technological innovation of the entire lighting industry, and 'Health + A deep understanding of 'Light'. It plays an important role in driving the value of the industry. It is an incentive for the entire industry, bringing technology strengthening, environmental revitalization and standard unification."

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