[CHINA] The price of the national energy testing service remains stable

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On January 10th, Guoneng Rixin (301162) posted a record IR activity form. From J...

On January 10th, Guoneng Rixin (301162) posted a record IR activity form. From January 6 to 10, Sun Life Everbright, ICBC Credit Suisse, Junhe Capital and other institutions surveyed companies through online meetings and other methods.

[CHINA] The price of the national energy testing service remains stable

Regarding the charging model and business price trend, National Energy Rixin revealed in an agency survey that the company's power forecasting products mainly include power forecasting equipment and power forecasting services. Power forecasting equipment in the industry is a general-purpose device, and the market price is transparent. The sales model for power forecasting equipment is a one-time sale. The power forecasting service is the core value of our power forecasting business. Its main purpose is to calculate the short-term and ultra-short-term predicted power of new power plants by building an algorithm model with fixed capacity data and weather of power plants. It predicts data and transmits it over the network as needed. The power forecasting service adopts a model of continuously providing forecast information to customers and long-term service for a fixed fee to customers. Companies consider factors such as market competition, station area, forecast accuracy requirements, and difficulty in forecasting price forecasting. In recent years, prices for electricity forecasting services have remained largely stable.

Regarding the impact of the publication of the blue book on the development of new energy systems for the company, National Energy Rixin said in an institutional survey that the contents of the blue book (draft of comments) on the development of new energy systems are various aspects of the system's "resources, networks, loads and storage", Contains energy. On the one hand, based on the acquisition of technology and the company's strategic direction, it can provide a clear direction for the company's business development direction, including clear business expansion in existing products and new business areas. On the other hand, many products and technologies are clearly mentioned in the blue book, such as 'power forecasting', which is the company's core business, such as extending power forecasting time, adding abnormal weather forecasting, increasing data collection and accessibility, and controlling data. . The performance requirements of grid-connected monitoring systems highlight the growing role of the company's power forecasting products in building new energy systems. The Company will closely monitor the further development of the above policies and promote the in-depth integration and development of the Company's existing businesses.

As for utility customers, National Energy Rixin found in agency research that current utility customers are primarily new power plant customers. In addition, some traditional power generation companies, power sales companies, and friends in the power trading industry also use the company's power forecast data and weather data as important data support to participate in power trading.

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